Parent Responsibilities
It is the responsibility of the parents to be aware of all dance
studio activities, such as recitals, opening or closings, and picture
days.  The studio notices are posted on the website, in our
newsletter & in your email.  We also post to Facebook! Please
notify us if your address, e-mail address, or telephone number
has changed.
Monthly Tuition
30-45 minutes per week
1 hour per week
1.5 hours per week
2 hours per week
2.5 hours per week
2 Sibling Tuition
3 Sibling Tuition
Tuition, Policies, Rates & Dress Code
Non-Refundable Registration Fee:
$25.00 per child             $30.00 per family
This must be paid along with tuition before your child attends their first class.
Every student that dances with us WILL PARTICIPATE in the
Annual Dance Rehearsal & Recital held at St. Paul's Dr.
This includes students that dance with us at the studio, their
This includes students that dance with us at the studio, their
school, preschool or daycare. All costume money is due by
December 1st.  The total cost for each costume is $65.00,
unless we email you otherwise.

Costume checks must be written separately from

There is not a PayPal option for costumes.
There are no costume refunds, if you decide to withdraw
your child from our program, YOU

Recital Information & Recital Fee:
Recital Fee- $15.00 per child– Due March 1, 2018
This reserves your child's place in the recital.

The recital and rehearsal will be held the weekend of June
1,2 & 3rd.  Dancing in the recital is optional and not a
requirement to participate in the class. Expenses will include
costumes, recital tickets and tights/shoes/undergarments.  
Dance Recital programs and Recital DVDs are optional to
purchase. Families may need to attend more than one show
in order to see all their dancer's/dancers' dances.
Dress Code
Hair Must Be Worn Up for Classes
Preschool Ballet/Tap Classes
Girls- Leotard of Choice, Pink Tights, Pink Leather Ballet Shoes, Black Tap Shoes & Ballet Skirt or Tutu
Boys- White T-shirt, black shorts, black ballet shoes and black tap shoes
Preschool Creative Movement Classes
Girls- Leotard of Choice, Pink Tights, Pink Leather Ballet Shoes, Ballet Skirt or Tutu
Boys- White T-shirt, black shorts & black ballet shoes

Leotard or Choice, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes & Ballet Skirt
Leotard or Choice, Convertible or Footless Tights, Lyrical Shoes or Foot Undies
Leotard or Choice, Pink Tights, Black Tap Shoes, bootie shorts or skirt
Leotard or Choice, Pink Tights, Black Jazz Shoes, bootie shorts
Leotard or Choice, Pink Tights, Black Hip-Hop Shoes
Leotard or Choice, bootie shorts, NO TIGHTS!

Where We Shop
Online Dance Store
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Dance Tuition is always due by the 1st of every month, and late by the
10th! You will not receive a monthly invoice.  

After the 10th, a $15 late fee per month will be applied. Please make sure
you pay on time each  month to avoid late fees.  
Pay Online Now!
Tuition is based on a yearly rate, from September through May/June, paid
in nine payments.  Some months have three classes while other months
have five classes.  Monthly payment installments remain the same
throughout the year.  We do not prorate tuition for any reason.  Holidays
and closures are already calculated into your nine payments.  If joining a
class after the first week of that month, the full payment installment must be
made for that month and makeups in similar classes are encouraged for
any missed weeks.
There are absolutely no refunds.

If your account becomes 2 months delinquent,
your child will not be permitted to attend further classes.  
We accept Check, Cash, Online Payment or Money Order.

Classes at Our Savior Preschool must be paid at the beginning of each
semester.  They must be paid before your child attends classes and written
directly to Our Savior Preschool. The semester fees do not include
costumes, t-shirts/shorts, recital fees, etc.
Withdrawing your Child From Dance Class
We strongly believe at MBDA when you start something you finish it. If you feel
it absolutely necessary to withdraw your child from class you MUST provide a
30 day written notice with their last months tuition. If this written notice is not
mailed to MBDA within 30 days of your child's last day counted for attendance
you will be charged the following months of tuition along with a $50 fee. Until we
have written confirmation your child will be considered absent for that month
and monthly tuition will continue. Commitment to dance is very important.
Teachers spend multiple hours on each dance lesson and dance. They must
work on choreography, formations, groups, ripples, etc. These parts of the
dance are based around the dancers that sign up for the class.

No Parents or visitors are allowed in the dance classroom.  
Dancers are more focused and perform better with less people in
the room. Dance is also about learning independence. You will
see your dancer grow so much in confidence from their dance
classes. If your child is feeling anxious about being in class
without you, you can help by explaining to your child that they can
show you what they learned after class. We will have a special
"Parent Week" during the second dance semester which will allow
parents and grandparents to come in and observe
their dancer’s class.
Studio Closings
When public and private schools close due to weather, the studio will also close. Dance classes will resume when school resumes.
Missing A Dance Class
We realize that most of our students are involved in other activities.
Occasionally, dance and your other activities may be held at the
same time. We understand that occasionally you may have to miss
class to attend another activity, but it should not happen regularly.
Sports and clubs usually meet several times a week if not daily.
Dance class only meets once a week (per class), so be sure to
keep that comitment.MBDA offers classes all over Mobile County, if
your child misses class, and you choose for them to make the
class up, please email or call us to make arrangements for them
to attend another dance class.
What We Expect of Your Dancer
At Mobile Bay Dance Academy, we teach in a Christian, encouraging, yet
structured dance environment.  We want our students to learn to love the art
dance.  This is what we will teach them to do.  In return, students should be
respectful to all of their fellow dancers and instructor.  They should come to  
class prepared to dance. All students should arrive ready to dance with a ready
to learn attitude. They should wear dance appropriate attire and dance shoes.
See our dress code for more information about appropriate dance attire.
The Importance of Class Attendance
Students must attend classes regularly for their own benefit as well as the growth and development of the class as a whole. Our dance classes are
based on individual commitment; however they are fueled by the entire class. Sometimes you may need to miss class due to illness.   
If you are contagious, do not come to class. By coming to class we assume that all students are healthy and able to dance. If your child has a
sprained ankle, cast, etc. PARENTS should let us know about the situation in advance and we will let your child observe the class.
We work hard to make the dance experience organized and fun. Keeping you informed is one of our primary goals. Please read all newsletters and
other dance class information. The studio’s primary method of communication with parents is via e-mail. If you are not receiving any e-mails from us,
then please contact us to ensure your current e-mail address is on file. Additionally, please add the studio e-mail address to your e-mail contact list so that all communications will display in your e-mail Inbox and not a spam folder.
Please Note: While all of our student/parent concerns or questions are important to us, we ask that you respect our staff's personal time and not
contact them via Text or Facebook messenger.  You may email us at any time!
Dance Classes Begin: Tuesday, Sept 5
Booooooo Week: Oct 23rd- Oct 27th- Students wear their favorite costume.
Halloween: Oct 31- Tuesday afternoon classes are cancelled, we will still have classes in the morning.
Spirit of Christmas Parade Shirt Order Form Due: Thursday, Oct 26
Thanksgiving Holidays: Monday, November 20-Friday, November 24 (NO DANCE)
Costume Deposit Due: Friday, December 1. ($25 late charge after December 1)
Spirit of Christmas Parade: Saturday, Dec 2, 9:00 a.m. at the Eastern Shore Centre
Christmas Pajama Week: Monday, Dec 4th -Dec 8th
Christmas Holidays: Wed, Dec 20th-Tues, Jan 2nd- No Dance, Dance Classes Resume On Wed, Jan 3
Martin Luther King Day: Mon, Jan 15 (No Dance)
Mardi Gras: Monday, Feb 12-Thursday, Feb 15 (No Dance)
Easter Break: Monday, April 2- Friday, April 6 (No Dance)
Rehearsal & Recital Weekend: Saturday, June 2 & Sunday, June 3 (Monte L. Moorer Theater)