MBDA delivers our services locally throughout the
Mobile area. We travel to schools and daycares
offering children the opportunity to learn a variety
of different dance styles. We also have a studio
location above Nasser Gymnastics on Old Shell
Both dance students in our schools and
dance students at our dance studio are equally
important to us.  
considered part of our dance studio family.
Classes are held September through May ending
with an Annual Recital held at St. Paul’s School
the first weekend of June!  
We bring the studio to you!  Classes are
We bring the studio to you!  Send a
separate dance bag with their dance attire
to school or daycare with them in the
mornings.  If they have a morning class,
you will just bring them to school in their
dance attire.  We then bring them to take
dance class teach them to dance, and
return them to their classroom.  It’s easy, it’
s convenient, the children have a blast
learning to dance with friends, and no
hassle on You!  
Preschool Ballet/Tap (Ages 2-4)
Students will need pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes.
This hour class is 30 minutes of ballet and 30 minutes of tap.  This is a class that introduces young students to dance
in a structured class setting while initiating ballet and tap terminology.  At this age, they are still learning how their
bodies move, awareness of their body and how to control their body.  Technique is introduced in this class, but not
the main objective.  Students will be taught to be attentive, follow directions, and learn about movement concepts and
classroom etiquette.

Ballet/Tap/Jazz (Ages 4 & up)
Students will need pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes and black tap shoes.
This hour class is 30 minutes of ballet and 30 minutes of tap/jazz alternating between tap and jazz each week.  Ballet
is where students learn the fundamentals of dance, therefore students have ballet every week.  This class is for
These classes assist in their technique and promote muscle development.

Students will need pink ballet shoes and pink pointe shoes.
This class in only available under the dance teacher's discretion.  This class is designed to focus on the basics of
ballet.  A typical class consists of barre, center floor Students will need pink ballet shoes pink pointe shoes. Pointe
shoes are only permitted under the teacher's technique, across the floor, and a choreographed routine.

Students will need tan foot undies or tan lyrical shoes.
Lyrical is a combination of both of ballet and jazz techniques. Dancers will learn to use motion and emotion to
interpret their performance through music and movement.  It is very important for students to learn the fundamentals
of ballet and jazz before entering this class.

Students will need black jazz shoes, and or black hiphop shoes.
Both of these classes combine contemporary jazz and hip hop styles of dance.  Class consists of a warm up,
movement across the floor, and choreographed routines. It’s a great blend of technicality and fun.

Students will need black tap shoes.
Tap into this percussive style and study moves like wings, pullbacks, syncopation, and other turning, challenging
combinations. Teachers emphasize speed and clarity and mix the technique with current dance moves and trends.

No shoes required.
In tumbling, students develop strength, coordination, balance, and agility. Instruction begins with simple forward rolls
and cartwheels, and progresses through numerous levels that include walkovers, limbers, handsprings, and tricks.
Tumbling mats are used to reduce the risk of injury.